Poor Mouse

I woke up to a humid and sleepy morning today. Slowly I dragged myself to the bathroom. To my utter surprise, I found a small mouse in the small bucket in the bathroom. One-fourth of the bucket was filled with water and  only the mouse’s nose was above the water. It was very still. I presumed it to be dead. It had surprised me because, I had been at my current residence for almost two years now, but had never seen a mouse in the house before.
Anyways, I started moving the bucket with my feet to make sure that it was really dead. But then it started moving and swimming in the shallow water. It tried to scramble out of it but couldn’t as the mouth of the bucket was too high for it. I started thinking how I could get rid of it. My sister was still sleeping and I didn’t want to wake her up. And also I couldn’t think of killing the poor thing. Ultimately I decided to carry the bucket by the handle and throw the water along with the mouse over the railing of the front veranda. As I live on the 2nd floor of the building, the mouse would fall down and get away from our place for good. 
But the mouse was smart and aimed itself to fall on the slab on the outside of the railing. Well, what now I thought. But I didn’t have to think for more than a couple of seconds. As the the very wet little mouse was celebrating it’s freedom by the slab corner, a cunning crow was watching it . The crow came swooping down and picked the wet and weak mouse in its beak and carried it away to the neighbouring roof! The poor little thing was squeaking it’s heart out.
Poor mouse. For all it’s struggle from keeping itself dying in the water for, God knows, how long, it ended up becoming the breakfast of the crow. Life can treat us real funny at times. When we think we had just been  spared, life  nails us. And when we think we are thrown deep down in a hole, life throws in a long rope.

8 thoughts on “Poor Mouse

  1. Anonymous

    The recent articles are limited to your personal experiences, you can contribute more by uploading articles having a wider outlook like book reviews, Experiences related with a particular topic, etc..etc..


  2. Anonymous

    Welcome…What I feel: Blog should be something unique such that people follow ur articles n wait eagerly for ur next article to be uploaded… Its like telling a story where people are curious abt what next….Just a suggestion what i feel what should be, i might be wrong…


  3. Anonymous

    well….people blog for different reasons. the reason i took up blogging because i had no friend and writing was a means to share..talk…tell someone my stuffs and get the load off my chest. your piece is a personal experience but of a situation life shows us. i enjoyed reading it. the simple words, the simple way of writing made it easy to visualize the situation. have fun. God bless you.


  4. Anonymous

    You have a gift of writing…and since you are from the beautiful North East….you can probably give more info about the places…or culture….which probably you have noticed and others should…Anonymous 1


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