Awards: The Versatile Blogger, The Most Creative Blogger, Reader Appreciation & Most Influential Blogger

My friend and blogger Madhusmita at dreamzandclouds have once again bestowed upon four new awards. Her nomination came over a month back. But because of the A to Z Challenge throughout April, I could not acknowledge her. I am so sorry for the late response post girl! And thank you so much, once again 🙂
♥ The Versatile Blogger ♥
The Most Creative Blogger
Reader Appreciation Award
Most Influential Blogger

Chain blog awards are surely an amazing way to encourage and appreciate fellow bloggers. It is also an great way to discover new blogs.

My friend just wanted her nominations to acknowledge, share a few random facts about themselves and further nominate other bloggers.

Few random facts about myself:

  1. I have been reading books as long as I remember. I remember the first thing I used to do as a child while visiting someone’s house was to ask for a book.
  2. I am from a family with green thumbs.
  3. I love visiting new places.
  4. I think I am in the first stage of being “Obsessive Compulsive” 
  5. I am more expressive in black and white.
  6. I talk a lot when I am excited, and mostly end up embarrassing myself.
  7. I use my stuff with extreme love and care.
My nominations:
  1. Ananya Tales
  2. Diary of the Sunday Visitor
  3. Life In Dogs
  5. The Philospher’s Stone 
  6. Vidya Sury 
  7. When I Was a Kid… 
  8. The Little Princess 
  9. The Side I Hide
  10. Match the speed of Light
Seven of my above nominations are my discoveries during the A to Z Challenge. And I fell in love with the blogs. I hope you would like them too.

Congratulations to my ten nominations and I hope you will accept my appreciation and in turn spread the blog love. If you don’t do awards, please take my nomination as my heartfelt praise for your blog. Cheers!

10 thoughts on “Awards: The Versatile Blogger, The Most Creative Blogger, Reader Appreciation & Most Influential Blogger

  1. You are most welcome Shine. You just need to acknowledge the awards in a post, share a few random facts about yourself and nominate some more blogs further. You can follow my pattern and also check some other blogs for reference.


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