About Me

Natasha Borah Khan

Bibliophile. Book Reviewer. Woman of Letters. Plant Person. Romanticist.

I started blogging in the year 2010. I basically started to do that to give a place to the myriad of thoughts in my mind. Reminiscing about everything around me and the enigma called life are central to my musings.

In 2013, I was approached by a publisher to review few of their books. And since then, book reviews on request has been a prominent feature of my blog. It is always exciting to read new releases and a pleasure to review them for publishers and authors alike.

I was scribbling my personal thoughts and reviewing books on two different blog pages titled “Points to Ponder” and “Natasha’z Words” respectively. Together, the two blogs have amassed total of almost 2,00,000 views. But then I decided to bring both under one roof, and hence this new address.

Though I am predominantly into non-fictional and reflective writing, I have tried my hand at short stories and poetry as well. Over the years, several of my posts have been published in online magazines like Women’s Web and Writer’s Ezine, and recognized by blogging forums like BlogAdda and Sulekha. A list of them is mentioned in the “Published Articles” tab.

Experiences are similar and unique at the same time. And our perspective of looking at them makes all the difference. I am a hopeless romantic believing in the simple pleasures of life. The world and its creations are simply wondrous and way larger than our tunnel hole views and narrow-minded beliefs. And realisations like these are what intrigue me and inspire me to write. I like to believe that my reflective thoughts can strike a chord and may even make a positive difference in some little way in somebody’s life.