In the end, we’ll all become stories.

Margaret Atwood

Journal Therapy

My sister and I started writing personal journals when we were super young, less than ten years old I guess. I don’t remember who pushed us towards it. It must have been either Ma or Koka, our maternal grandfather. People would gift us corporate diaries, which they had received at new years and we would …

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Book Review #75: Mohini the Enchantress

Name: Mohini the EnchantressAuthor: Anuja ChandramouliNo. of Pages: 240Genre: Mythological fictionPublisher: Rupa Publications IndiaPrice: Rs. 295/-Published in: 2020 How did I get it? A PDF copy from the author. THE BLURB SAYS: Elusive as a fragment of a forgotten dream, fragile as a figment from fantasy, Mohini is perfection made possible. Distilled from the essence …

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Struggles of Life

Someone I know closely once said to me,”A girl either struggles before her marriage or after her marriage. I think I am struggling now.” She was unmarried then. And her struggles, you ask? Well, she didn’t get along with her brother’s wife who always accused her of things she didn’t do; and the brother often …

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