In the end, we’ll all become stories.

Margaret Atwood

Struggles of Life

Someone I know closely once said to me,”A girl either struggles before her marriage or after her marriage. I think I am struggling now.” She was unmarried then. And her struggles, you ask? Well, she didn’t get along with her brother’s wife who always accused her of things she didn’t do; and the brother often …

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The Turning Point

It was the end of my first semester of graduation and I was home for a winter break. I was studying in Kolkata, which was the first metro city I actually stayed in. I was a small town girl, so studying in a metro was a different experience altogether. Suddenly, the world felt bigger and …

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Good News Delivered

In our society, family planning is a matter of public concern. Once you get married, you are expected to procreate immediately, as if it is the only reason you got married for. I have already elaborated this social trauma earlier in my post, The “Good” News. But even delivering good news has consequences! Once you …

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