About Me

Natasha Borah Khan

Author | Book Enthusiast | Plant and Toddler Mom | Romanticist

Natasha is an avid reader and has been penning down her thoughts as a blogger for more than a decade now. She has experimented across the writing spectrum with short stories, poetry, and articles, in addition to her signature personal essays and book reviews. Her work has also been featured in e-magazines and blogging forums.

Natasha is native to the beautiful state of Assam, where she has spent her formative years. After spending almost a decade in New Delhi where she started a life with her husband, she now calls Hyderabad her home.

After twelve years of corporate life, Natasha decided to press the pause button to raise her toddling daughter. She believes in the simple pleasures of life. Apart from reading and writing, she also makes time for gardening and creative projects.

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