Jingle Bells

As a kid, I had been fascinated by Christmas Eve. As I grew up, fascination gave way to fondness and familiarity. I do not know how it all began. Whether it my missionary education, or the growing familiarity by reading novels and story books by western writers, or the sheer simple beauty of the festival. The snow, the lights, stars, bells, gifts, the Christmas tree, carols, cakes, cookies, reindeers and Santa Claus; which kid would not be enchanted. And it does not even matter that you are not born a Christian or that you are from a place where the Christian population is small. And therein lies the beauty of the festival.

I have been educated in a Don Bosco School. During Christmas, we would be enjoying our winter vacation. My father served in an university and the students used to organize a Pre-Christmas function in the university auditorium. At the entrance would be a Christmas tree with decorations. There would be dances and carols. “Silent Night” was sung along with a act of baby Jesus with Joseph and Mary. And of course the main attraction of the function, good old Santa Claus. The whole auditorium would echo with “Jingle bells jingle bells, jingle all the way” and Santa Claus would enter and run around throwing toffees. After that packets containing chocolate cake, nuts and toffees would be distributed. We kids used to have so much fun. With the passing years, the function was replaced by a choir group visiting each house in the campus singing carols. Although the function was missed, the sweet music of the carols resonating in the winter air was ethereal.

My sister and myself used to celebrate Christmas in our own small away. With the help of Deta, we would put up star over our front porch light bulb, hang decorations on any plant available and make  greeting cards. Even we are grown-ups now, every Christmas, I give my sister a greeting card and a small gift. Last year we bought a bell and decorations for the house. The bell (hanging between a string of mango leaves!) still welcomes anyone visiting our home. I love movies revolving around Christmas. And this time of year, there are lots of them coming on television.

Christmas caught me off guard in my very childhood and the enchantment is enough to last a lifetime. With the fog and chilly air, along with the bright lights adorning the city is already giving a ‘Christmas’y feeling. I am hoping to have a enchanting Christmas this year. Wishing one for everyone out there too! Ho ho ho!

“Christmas, Christmas time is near
Time for toys , And time for cheer
We’ve been good,But we can’t last
Hurry Christmas,Hurry fast
Want a plane, That loops the loop
Me, I want a hula-hoop
We can hardly stand the wait
Please Christmas don’t be late”

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