Music in My Life

Most of the people who know me do not know that I had been briefly trained in Indian classical music. Well, it was only for a few years and I did not continue it further. It is a different story that no one actually believes this when they hear me sing!

It was Aita (my maternal grandmother) who pushed my sister (Namz) and me towards classical music. She herself is a good singer and knows how to play the harmonium. Well, she is actually brilliant in all kind of cultural activities. After her it was Maa. Although we two sisters attended the classes once a week and practiced regularly for around an hour, we were never kind of dedicated to it. But yes, we love music. I think music rule our genes! Like my side of the family, Az’s (my husband) side of the family enjoy music too. Az and his brothers break into a song at the drop of the hat.

Deta used to listen to and play music every evening. I solved maths problems listening to music. Namz and I shared a room and we would take music breaks between our studies and switch off the lights, lay on beds and enjoy. We would save money to buy cassettes (Yes, I grew up in the era of cassettes) and also exchange cassettes with our friends and make copies. It was time of pop music and pop we did.

Of course, we enjoy music of different genres. I have music for every mood. Sometimes I wake up with a particular song on my lips. And for the whole day it will rerun on my lips like a stuck record. And finally I have to listen to that song. I am sure it happens with almost everyone of us. 

Since cassettes have made way to mp3 music has now become extremely portable. Today, I cook while listening to music. Music it is when I clean my room, fold  clothes and make the bed or sometimes when I take my bath. It makes me happy. I brings a spring to my step. It warms up my heart. With music, whatever I am doing becomes fun.

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More on music in my life in my post “Music Tape Magic“.

7 thoughts on “Music in My Life

  1. Anonymous

    We share the same passion for music and as a kid, I would save money to buy casettes of Hindi film songs of the 90s:) What time it was, carefree and getting sunk to the songs of Aashiqui, Saajan, Khuda Gawah and many more…


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