Help Yourself

When I was a little girl, I remember Deta (my father) bringing a poster with a quote on it. It said,“God helps those who help themselves.” And the quote have stuck with me ever since.

I have seen so many people praying to God, begging Him and pleading with Him in their prayers to help them, but not putting enough or any effort from their side. As a kid I remember a relative of mine who was having board exams. She has flunked her boards for several years in a row. And before her exams, she did not miss any temples in the town. She would visit all of them with plates laden with fruits and flowers, requesting the deities to make her pass the exams. But she did not put that much of efforts in her studies. I wished she had utilized the time in studying rather than visiting temples.

There are people all around me complaining about their weight, indigestion or any other health issue, but would not cut down on their quantity intake or the intake of food which are harmful for them. I shall cite my own example. I have a bad back. I need to exercise daily for my back. But I neglect it. So would God help me to keep my back fit, if I don’t take precautions! 

When we see our near and dear ones in trouble, we tend to advise them. They might be having problems with their health, job, relationships or finance. We are likely to suggest them some do’s and don’ts. But what if they don’t want to listen to us. What if they tell us to mind our own business. What can we do? Nothing. A diabetic person has to understand that sweets are not healthy and he/she need to abstain from it. His/her family can only advise and request not to have sweets. They can only watch him/her while in front of their eyes. They cannot help if the person consumes sweets behind their backs and does not help his own health.

“You can lead a horse to the water, but you can not make him drink.” I love this quote for it’s so true. I see live examples of it everyday around me. I often quote it at home and sometime soon I might even be asked to stop! I saw the horse’s version of this quote and could not help sharing it.

After I quit my job back home and moved to Delhi after getting married, I have been frantically searching for a job. When I was leaving, people around me were telling me not to worry and that I would bag another job easily. It’s not easy guys. But I kept trying and didn’t lose hope. I kept going for interviews. God helped me to get a part time job and I believed He placed the full time job a little farther ahead. I just needed to take my steps towards it. I have listened to my well-wishers’ suggestions because I know they are trying to help me. Even today, I know God is there looking over my actions and He’s helping me.

We all want better grades, better jobs and better lives. But are we helping ourselves to achieve that. Are we working towards it? God is not going to push us towards our goals. We have to walk towards it ourselves and only then He can guide us. Listen to your well-wishers for they really mean well. Go ahead guys, help yourself because it is really you who can.

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