Book Review #12: Unsung Songs

Name:Unsung Songs
Author: Khushi Jivan
No. of Pages: 96
Genre: Poetry/Lyric Poetry
Publisher: Virgin Leaf Books (An Imprint of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd.)
Price: Rs. 125/-
Published in: 2013

The blurb of the book says:

Khushi’s is not just a collection of poetic thoughts worded together; hers is the song of a little robin on your window, the cuckoo in her nest. Sweet, melancholic, longing, warming still the cockles of the heart… With a surreal sense to these expressions ‘unsung songs’ is a glimpse of her journey so far on the long road of soul-searching. Come feel serenaded by this bouquet of compositions, poetry born not from thoughts but feelings, not the mind but the heart.
About the author:
On her journey of self exploration Jivan Khushi stumbled upon her ability to receive poetry from a space she had just begun to experience in her meditations. Writing for her is a sacred phenomenon and one of the innumerable blessings she has encountered on her path so far. She lives in the lush green of Koregaon Park, Pune where she still continues to practice her meditations and when she is not working she loves to endlessly watch the sky, hear the cuckoos sing, witness the bird on its wings and waits for that moment that will leave her overwhelmed, awe struck and so helpless that she can do nothing but write.
Cover: The cover of the book has a vintage look and is quite pretty.
Writing: Simple and lucid.
The book is a collection of 68 poems. Actually it is 67 poems as one poem called “Moments” is printed twice. Some of the poems are quite nice while I found several others to be quite immature. There were others which were partly good and partly alright. The language and flow of the poems is simple and plain and not at all flowery and complicated. Few of the compositions which I liked are:
  • As Never Before: It talks about death.
  • Say It All: It talks about unspoken words.
  • Love
  • Yours and Mine
  • The Long Song: I liked the imagination of the poet about how the sea longs for the moon.
  • Tree: It talks about a tree which was planted to be used later.
  • With A Silent Heart
  • Miracles of a Rising Sun
On the whole, the poems are not extraordinary but quite decent.
I give “Unsung Songs” 3 stars on a scale of 5.

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