My Valentine Moment

This Valentine’s Day was a beautiful sunny day. It was also a Saturday and so a perfect excuse to go on a date. But it was a working day for both Az and myself. While his was a half day, mine was full. We finally decided that I would take a half day leave and then we would spend the rest of the day together outside home.
The chilling Delhi winters were already waning away fast and so the weather was very pleasant. It was a beautiful morning. It was a bright and sunny day; a day which does not fail to cheer you up. I was already having a good feeling about the day.
Saturday is the only day in the week when I get a seat in the metro coach. So I got comfortable with my book, although it was only for a short distance. At my station, there was a rush at the exit gates. Queues were forming fast at each gate.
As I was coming out of the exit gates of the metro station, I heard an elderly lady’s voice behind me, “Aaram se, aaram se (Do not rush, move slowly).” The voice slightly authoritative but full of concern. Once I was on the other side of the gates, I could not resist looking back. It was indeed an old lady. And there was an older man next to her, presumably her husband.
The husband was probably rushing towards the exit gate when the wife asked him not to. She was worried that he would stumble and hurt himself. And there was no need to hurry. Looking at them, standing together in their golden years, at that metro station brought an involuntary smile to my lips. They looked so beautiful. I didn’t know what the day ahead was going to be like. But that moment was definitely my valentine’s day moment.

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