10 Coolest home products for geeky homes

This article was published in HOMEQN on 26th August 2011
10 Geeky Home Products

Un-cool geeks are a thing of a past now. Geeks today are showing off their coolness by an array of geeky home products. Ranging from home furniture, gadgets, decor and accessories, geeky home products is here to stay. Here are a few products to reveal your geek persona in style:
1. Pixel Couch: ‘Pixels’ was a word originally known to geeks. Nobody understood what it meant till the time the personal computer hit the mainstream market. So what could be a better theme for geeky home decor! This Pixel Couch is designed by Cristian Zuzunaga, a graduate from the UK’s Royal College of Arts and will be produced by Danish manufacturer Kvadrat and sold through Moroso. Wait for it to hit the market!
2. ZUSE – the Printer Toaster: An Inseq Design product, ZUSE is an absolute geek! Its optical sensor recognizes bread and thereon activates the digitalization process of the toast. It is inspired by the early matrix printers. It prints (burns) black & white pictures with 12 by 12 pixel resolution into the toast by diligently marking line by line. ZUSE has a repository of pictures stored in its memory chip and surprises its owner by randomly picking a different one every time it toasts! Made of aluminum and plastics, it comes in a dimension of 16 x 15 x 6 cm. And it is a limited edition toaster.
3. Persian Puzzle Rug: Do you love jig-jaw puzzles? If yes, this is the rug for you! Designed by Katrin Sonnleitner, this Persian Puzzle Rug is both geeky fun and useful. One can enjoy putting together their own rug made from cut out pieces of recycled, natural and synthetic rubber. There are over 70 standard colors available. So design your own rug and display it in style!
4. ECCO LUCE- the Light Emitting Wallpaper: Designer Jonas Samson created this unique wallpaper by integrating LED lights in a wall. When switched doff, it is just a wall. But when lit on, patterns of light shines in desirable images. It is also dimmable. You can know more about it in the online Design Studio of Jonas Samson.
5. The Flower Nurse – Practice Plant: So you know about plants but are unable to grow one. So here is The Flower Nurse, a practice plant for you! This practice plant is an artificial potted plant by where flowers take on the form on information expressing its needs via color changes. Each flower displays a single barometric reading whilst the droop of the leaves indicate when it’s time to pay more attention and figure out what’s wrong. It is designed by Qian Jun Gao. [T (temperature), H (degree of humidity) & Q2 (amount of oxygen)]
6. Google Bean Bag: Are you geek often dreaming to have a sneak peek into Googleplex? Well, here is a bit of Googleplex for your home, the Google Bean Bag. Have a seat and get inspired to create in the lines of gProducts!
7. Orbiculus from Art Lebedev: The Art Lebedev Studio has transformed Cancel, Play, Save, OK, and other commands into real-life objects with a useful function — the thumbtack. Designed by Yuri Shvetsov, these come packed in boxes and are also ideal for gifting. Visit the online Art Lebedev Studio to know more.
8. Ink Cartridge Chandelier: What do you do with your empty cartridges? Throw away. But not a domestic geek! A Boxlightbox creation, it will be soon available again in Lowell & Louise online store.
9. Tetris Pots: Designed by 25 year old French artist Stephanie Choplin, this geeky creation is not for sale yet. She is an Industrial Design student and you can find more such creations on her website.
10. Floppy Disk Pen Holder: Do you still have quite a few floppy disks lying around at your place? Don’t feel ashamed if you have. You can now create your very own geeky pen holder. This quick and easy craft requires only a drill bit and some plastic zip ties to create this chic little geeky box (or flower pot or just about anything holder!). More colorful disks you have, livelier the holder.

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