10 Cool creative wall hooks

The original article was published in HomeTone on 23rd August, 2011.
Creative Wall Hooks
Creative Wall Hooks 10 recommended creative wall hooks
“Less is more” seems to to be the latest trend in the current home decor. Spacious residences today are fast becoming a luxury and so designers are aiming at creating multipurpose decors for both office and home spaces. In the same line, our very own age old wall hooks are undergoing creative makeovers too. Wall hooks’ job is to keep our regularly used stuff organized and in place. And designers are getting busy to give them a dual purpose of being useful and decorative at the same time.

So it is time to say adieu to the old and boring hooks and make way for a much cooler lot! Creatively designed wall hooks are so much more fun. They make the simple task of hanging coats, hats, accessories and key rings among others fun. They do their job and at the same time make our homes livelier. With the world becoming a smaller place, one can easily have access to a wide range of creative, multipurpose, cool, fun and colorful wall hooks by means of online shopping. There are hundreds of creative hook options, among which we have chosen the 10 such creative ones, especially for you. Read on!

1. Stretching Man hooks
These men have the perfect bodies to carry weight! Made of high quality cast resin, these men are ideal for hanging your outdoor apparel. Go ahead and hang your coats and hats on the eager arms of these graceful men! These are a great way to add visual interest to you wall. This is a Kikkerland product and is available online on Amazon and are to be bought as single pieces.

2. Flip-Flops hooks
Flip-flops means summer and color. Made of sturdy metal and plastic, these summery hooks are perfect for your beach house or your bathrooms. This is a OTC product. These are suitable to hang light objects like hand towel and scarfs and can also be used as decorations. These are available online on Amazon.

3. Off The Wall hooks
These are off the wall, but will keep your stuff on the wall! Made of plastic covered steel, these come in multiple colors. This is a Thelermont Hupton product and you can buy it from their online store. More modern options are available in the store. Get ready to have a bit of modern art at your place.

4. Tree-Hook Wall Sticker
This Tree-Hook wall sticker with hooks is ideal for flat surfaces which brings out creativity. Let the tree take care. This is a Ferm Living product and is sold by Design 55 Online. Ferm Living has many more such vibrant options.

5. Antler hook
This sturdy metal antler is ready to take off your coat. Ideal for use on the back of the door and closets. This is a Genius Jones product and is available online.

6. Hang-On Decor Hangers
Hangers can be messy too! Hang your apparel and accessories in in a chaotic style. This is a Jade Barnes-Richardson design. This contemporary wall coat hanger doubles up as a wall decorative too. You can buy it online from Bouf Super Boutique.

7. Bad Guy wall hooks
Showcase your dark side with these bad boys. Don’t worry, these boys won’t harm your stuff! These are made of polyurethane and steel plate with welded screws. These are available in shop TC Studio and now are also available in magnet form.

8. Birds On A Wire hook
Let these ceramic birds carry away the load on your shoulders in style. Designed by Jantze Brogård Asshoff, these are available on Scandinavian Design Center. Birds On A Wire hooks comes in multiple exciting forms.

9. Birds Eye hook
Allow these little guys to keep an eye on your stuff. They are just chirping in to help! This is an Umbra creation. It is made of steel and very easy to install. You can buy it online from Amazon. Umbra has a wide variety of such creative options.

10. Hang hook
Made of metal, this hook cum sign forces you to hang your stuff. Ideal for use on entrances. This is a Seletti product designed by Seleb. It is completely in line with the latest Font style trend. This item is also available online. So, from now on, let’s hang in style!!

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