10 Solar alarm clock designs to wake you up in a green way

This article was published in EcoFriend on 12th September, 2011

Solar Alarm Clocks

In a world of growing awareness for a cleaner and greener environment, “Go Green” products are becoming a rage. One such product is the Solar Alarm Clock. Alarm clocks are a basic human necessity without which we cannot start our day on time.We all have a tendency to check an alarm clock’s setting at bed time to make sure it is set right. But always there is a fear that it will stop working if the batteries run out. Solar powered alarm clocks are cool, eco-friendly and will run as long as the sun continues to rise. Solar Alarm clocks sound geeky but they come in a wide range of cool designs. They are ideal for usage in our homes as well as our work places. They are also apt for corporate gifting. Here are 10 designs of Solar Alarm clocks you can choose from:
  1. Quantys Solar Alarm Clock
    With just one full charge, which might take a few hours in the sun this solar powered clock runs for an entire year. Amazing, right. No more batteries to worry about and in turn you will be contributing toward reduction of toxic waste. This clock also has a back light which can be activated by pressing a button as and when required. It is priced at around $ 29.99.
  2. Earth Solar Alarm ClockDesigned by Petr, this Solar Alarm Clock has solar cells underneath a protective silicon layer. It has an OLED display and other electronic components. The clock harvests solar energy when placed outdoors, which is converted into usable electricity and stored in an on-board battery. This design is absolutely geeky cool.
  3. +ECO Solar Weather Clock This is an Oregon Scientific product from its +ECO Line products. The clock is Radio-Controlled with a display and LED-backlight and the daily alarm comes with the very important snooze function. Apart from being an alarm clock, it is also a weather clock. With the help of its wireless sensors, it can display indoor and outdoor temperature. It also has a Radio-Controlled calendar. It is priced at around $69.99. This design also comes in an advanced form, which displays current temperature and humidity by tuning into the weather stations in the proximity.
  4. MIR Solar Powered Alarm Clock Designed by Klaus Rosburg of Sonic Design, this solar powered alarm clock is inspired from the orbiting satellite. This clock features a speaker and a dull looking LCD display and also a FM Radio for music lovers.
  5. Argus Solar Alarm Clock This solar powered clock consists of four solar panels with the LCD display screen. It is priced at around $10.45.
  6. Simple Solar Alarm ClockThe internal batteries of this clock needs to be charged in the sunlight. Additionally, when there is no sun the clock uses artificial light to charge itself. The clock comes with two sets of hands and can be either mounted on the wall or allowed to stand free. It is priced around £24.99.
  7. Seiko Solar Alarm Clock
    The solar powered clock is a Seiko product and known to be the thinnest solar clock. The clock is powered with a CR2032 battery for backup which keeps it in working for two years without sun energy. It is priced at around $310.
  8. Solar Clock “EC 5″This one is a cool item to keep on the desk. The solar powered alarm clock displays time and date along with the current temperature and humidity.
  9. Compact Solar Alarm ClockThis solar powered alarm clock is compact and is easy to carry. It comes in a gift box made of recycled paper. It has a large digital time display. It is perfect for a person who is always on the go.
  10. Dual Option Solar Alarm ClockThis alarm clock has options for using both solar energy and battery. So you can use either of the energy sources.

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