10 most funny toilet paper holders

This article was published in HomeTone on 19th September, 2011

All of us spend some important time in the bathroom. But that does not mean that such time should be boring with the magazine or newspaper as your only companion. No offense to magazines, but toilet time can be made fun too. Several components of your bathroom can be made livelier. And why not start with the very basic toilet paper holder. Toilet paper already comes in a variety of options, so it is now its holder’s turn to undergo a makeover. Here is a list of 10 such holders which are both funny and creative at the same time:
1. French Maid Toilet Paper Holder:

Also known as the “No Peeking” Maid, this toilet paper holder is funny and gives you a hand at the same time. You can buy her at Amazon. And don’t you worry; she will not have a peek at you.
2. Squeezees Fun Toilet Tissue Roll Dispenser:

Guys, this is not glue! But a giant glue tube to dispense toilet paper. Cool, isn’t it? It can accommodate the standard rolls of toilet tissue that we use at homes. You can buy this item online. This also makes a whacky gift item.
3. A Knight to Remember Gothic Bath Tissue Holder:

This knight in shining armor promises to save your day. This Toscano-exclusive, wall-mounted toilet tissue knight is cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted to capture every amazing detail of his medieval mannerisms. You can buy this item from the Toscano store online.
4. iCarta iPOD Toilet Paper Holder:

The iPod has taken over our lives and how can we expect our bathroom to be spared? The iCarta iPOD Toilet Paper Holder is a moisture resistant iPod dock, charger, and player, which transforms into a toilet tissue dispenser. If you are an iPod freak, then this product is a must-have for you. You can buy one of these at Amazon.
5. Newspaper Reader – Toilet Paper Holder:

This newspaper reading robot is your perfect toilet mate. It seems to say “Let’s do it together buddy”! You can fetch him online.
6. River’s Edge Real Cast Iron Spur Toilet Paper Holder:

This River’s Edge product has a horseshoe in the back that mounts to the wall, with a western spur welded to it. This one promises to give you a glimpse of the ‘Wild Wild West’ every time you use the roll off it.
7. B & W Kitty Toilet Paper Holder:

This cute black and white kitty can be your kids’ best toilet buddy. With this little pet in the bathroom, your little ones would not be scared to the bathroom alone anymore. The B & W Kitty appears in an array of bathroom accessories. You get this black and white online.
8. Bear Butt Toilet Paper Holder:

This brown little bear is cute and it seems to produce toilet tissue just for you! If such waste comes from a sweet butt, it is always welcome. Another toilet buddy for your little ones.
9. Airyusha Robotan Toilet Paper Holder:

This is a product of the Airyusha Japan. This unique robotan is made up of high quality heavy duty ceramic with vibrant colors. It feeds out all kinds of toilet tissue. You can also find this item online.
10. The Butler Toilet Paper Holder:

The work of a butler is never done. And so once again you find it waiting upon you, even in the bathroom. His smile reflects all his pleasure serving you. This item surely adds some silent smile to your toilet time.
The holders mentioned above are not exclusive and more variety is available. You will find it easy to agree that these whacky toilet paper holders can serve as toilet time companions for kids and grown-ups alike. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and add some life to your bathroom.

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