Happily Home Alone

I am often asked how I manage to stay alone. That don’t I feel scared or get lonely, don’t I… whatever.

Well, the answer is I enjoy staying alone.This way, I am responsible for myself and the queen of my will. Earlier I was staying with my sister, but it was no issue as we have been together practically all our lives. Moreover, since she’s the younger one, I am the boss anyways.

I have never been the scared types. I am not afraid of the dark. On the contrary, I can’t sleep even in the slightest hint of light.Taking down  cockroaches have been my expertise since childhood. Also, I like watching lightning lashing across the skies.

On weekdays, I don’t have the time to get lonely. In the morning, I drag myself out of the bed just in time to make to the office. On the way back, I shop for groceries, fruits, vegetables,non-veg items, food, clothes, shoes and anything else. Back home, enjoy a couple of lined up TV shows with some snacks. Then time to cook dinner, call up my folks, then watch a movie on laptop or TV. Finally, end the day with a few pages of a book and drift away to sleepyville.

Weekends spell sleep, laundry, house-cleaning, movies, self care and grandparents occasionally, and of course more sleep.
Staying alone has many plus points. You don’t have to answer to anybody. No panic calls when you half an hour late in reaching home from work.Nobody to question you on your spending habits. You can have anything you want for dinner. No need to think what the others want to have or cook what the others want. You can always order in or pick up something on your way home when you don’t feel like cooking. No one to fight with the TV remote. You don’t have to share your space. And your stuff is always the way you keep them. Plus, you spare your prospective room-mates the horror of putting up with you. The only downside is that you have to look after yourself, even when you are sick.

For a woman who stays alone or with room-mate(s), the experience can be very liberating and a definite confidence-booster. But the most important thing is that it makes you fiercely independent. From cooking, cleaning, shopping, replacing the LPG cylinder and bulbs to taking out the trash and fixing power and water issues, you have to fend for yourself. And that makes you a responsible adult. Of course, if you are the kind who likes to abuse your freedom, that is your individual problem. Don’t blame me for that.
So now you know, I am happily home alone.

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