F for "Foxtail Orchid"

In full bloom

 Common Name: Foxtail Orchid
Scientific Name: Rhynchostylis retusa
Assamese Name: Kopou Phul 

Orchids are the pride of my father’s (Deta) garden. Basically orchids are of two types, the epiphytic orchids and the terrestrial or ground orchids. Epiphytic orchids are commonly grown in pieces of bricks, charcoal, Styrofoam pellets, fern roots; whereas the terrestrial variety grow and flower on the ground. To me, orchids of both types are most elegant of flowers.

Foxtail orchid is an epiphytic orchid. The flower looks like a fox’s tail and hence the name. It is the State Flower of Assam. It is synonymous with Rongali/Bohag Bihu, the Assamese new year celebrated mid-April. Foxtail orchids have been a consistent feature of our home garden over the years. Here are a few photographs of our garden’s pride.

Pink Kopou
White Kopou

I am taking part in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge [April 2016].  

7 thoughts on “F for "Foxtail Orchid"

  1. Those are beautiful – I really like the patterning on the purple one 🙂 My only experience with orchids is one that I received as a gift a few years ago and have never been able to get bloom again. It's still an interesting looking plant, but I'd love to know the secrets of those who can get them to bloom again and again.Tracy (Black Boots, Long Legs)


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