Perfect World~~Garfield Style

I am an ardent Garfield fan. In this manic life, this chubby cat, full of attitude, never fails to give me a smile. I joined his fan club quite young, probably when I was just around 8-9 years. I used to cut out the Garfield comic strip from every Sunday edition of The Times of India, and make my own comic book. Subsequently, I started to cut out the daily strips too. And I continued this activity very religiously till my graduation days. These days I am more interested in collecting Garfield pictures and wallpapers.

Garfield’s world revolves around food and sleep. He is all about attitude. Other than himself, Pooky, his teddy bear, is the only one he cares about. In our grown-up world, when all that we do is worrying and running all day, Garfield makes me wonder if his ideal care-free utopia world were possible. Nevertheless, his idea of a perfect world lets me escape my solicitude for a few moments.

According to Garfield, in a perfect world–
~You’d love your job, and it will love you back
~You’d work two weeks and vacation fifty
~It would only rain where you aren’t
~Everything would match your outfit
~You would always be first in line
~Sleeping would be an Olympic event
~Everyone in your graduating class would age, except you
~TV would actually make you smart
~Everything would be remote control
~You could breathe underwater
~All Christmas presents would fit
~Mornings would start later in the day
~Everyone could fly

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