Random Feels #2: I Hate When… (What makes me angry?)

In everyday life, there are so many things that make me mad. Call me judgmental, I simply can not stand certain behaviour, conduct and nature or when I am pushed into certain situations. I am trying to list down my hate points, basically the things which make a angry lady, below:
I hate when:
  • Someone tries to use my stuff without my permission or in my absence.
  • Anyone lose or damage my things when I lend them (or worse, without my permission).
  • Someone does not keep my things back in place after borrowing them. 
  • I have to lend my clothes
  • People say that washing, cleaning and cooking are not meant to be done by men (as if household chores are a woman’s birthright).
  • People think that women staying at home only rest.
  • People think that the only thing women should do after getting married is to produce babies. 
  • Men assume that women are meant to be dumb.
  • Someone thinks he/she is the only one who goes to work/study.
  • Anyone treats home like a guesthouse. 
  • I have to sleep in a room full of people
  • Anyone is materialistic. 
  • The first thing people notice about things is their price tag
  • Someone’s behaviour changes with every family member
  • People preach with incomplete knowledge. 
  • People do not follow what they preach
  • Ladies use their tear ducts to gain sympathy
  • People showing ‘ustadi’  (loosely translated as I know all/I do all’ actions especially in presence of a larger audience) 
  • I find dirty dishes in the sink when I wake up in the morning
  • People do not wash their own undergarments
  • Someone lies to me and worse when I find out
  • Someone do not adhere to what they say
  • Someone do not apologize when they are in the wrong
  • Someone is rude to their parents/grandparents
  • Anyone takes me for granted
  • People are over-smart
  • People honk and honk in traffic jams and signals
  • People move around in latest cars but throw empty packets and bottles on the road
  • People take the phrase ‘nothing’s original’ literally. 
I know the list is quite long but I can not help it. But I am sure that you will be able to relate to some point or the other. So do share below as to what makes you a angry person.

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