Random Feels #1: I miss..

I believe everyone of us misses at least some part of our bygone days. Given a choice we would definitely want to relive some particular moments of our lives. Of late, I have been thinking of many such things. And it seems I am missing a lot of bygone moments these days.

I miss..

  • Bicycling in meandering lanes
  • Spending winter vacations in the winter sun, reading and making crafts
  • Playing carrom with my grandparents
  • My paternal grandma
  • My parents taking care of me
  • Deta teaching me how to paint
  • Ma asking me what I want to eat
  • My school days
  • Sharing a room with my sister
  • Staying in the hostel
  • Staying alone
  • Having a dog
  • Assam rains and the music they create on the rooftops
  • Going for walks on moonlit nights
  • Playing cricket with a bamboo stick and a hand ball
  • The time when cousins were as good as siblings
  • The time when Mtv and Channel V were the only channels I watched
  • My time in Kolkata
  • My hostel bed by the window, the adjacent trees and their feathered inhabitants
  • Having instant noodles for lunch/dinner
  • Being in my comfort clothes all the time in the house
  • Ma when I am sick
  • Watching my favourite shows on television
  • Being responsible only for myself
  • Not feeling grumpy all the time
  • Durga puja in Jorhat
  • The excitement of being home during festivals
And many a times I miss being the sane me…

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