People Stories

Have you ever considered how many people you meet or simply see everyday? 
  • There is one set of people we actually know. We know them on a personal level. We know about their lives, their stories and about their families. Such people are usually family, friends and colleagues . 
  • There is another set which are mere acquaintances. These are people whom we meet occasionally, i.e. hi and bye types. This set can be our regular grocery shopkeeper, milkman, security guard,  our office receptionist, etc. 
  • And finally, there is one set of people whom we just see or hear about. Everyday as we go about our lives, we see people but don’t know anything about them. People on the roads, people we see while commuting, shopping, in hospitals, restaurants and everywhere else we go.
Write TribeBut have you ever thought that each of these people have a story of their own. Every single one of us has a story and yet none of the stories are same. Everyone has a different tale to tell. Each one of us are at a different timeline and each of one of us has a separate deadline. Each story full of emotions, struggles, sacrifices, compromises and triumphs. Each story dotted with failure and despair. Each story rich in inspiration and hope. And yet, each day we go about without knowing about the stories around us. We go about without a hint what each of the people’s stories can teach us.
My post The Human Web is on similar lines.

6 thoughts on “People Stories

  1. Anonymous

    You've scribbled a proper list of the categories of people that exist in life and their stories, alien to each other. We all have a story to tell to the world and how I wish we could delve into each others' hearts-dreams, apprehensions, emotions and disappointment.CheerzVishal


  2. Every person has a story. I share a quote whihc I had updated on my blog once…Six billion of us walking on the planet, six billion smaller worlds on the bigger one. Shoe salesmen and short-order cooks who look boring from the outside – some have weirder lives than you.  Six billion stories,  everyone an epic,  full of tragedy and triumph,  good and evil,  despair and hope – Dean Koontz


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