The Bygone Year–2013

It has been a good year. A year of change. After five months of marriage, I relocated to be with Az (my husband). I quit my comfortable job. I left my home state and moved to Delhi.

It has been a year of adjustments. Adjusting with my new family members, adjusting in a different house, adjusting to a different way of life, adjusting to the new roles I am expected to play. In short, adjusting to a whole new environment. In the same way, Az’s siblings had to adjust with me. I feel like a warden or a matron of a hostel and still in process of domesticating them to my ways. And I must say, we have done good so far.

It has been a year of emotions. I have been overwhelmed by the love bestowed on me by my new family especially by Mom and Dad. On the other hand my heart becomes heavy when Ma says that they miss me. Again throughout the year, I have missed home, missed being employed, missed my single life, missed being pampered and have cried many a times. Mostly I have been angry a lot. I know it had affected the people around me and I regret that truly. I had been irritated by smallest of things like why a used cup has not been kept in the wash basin.

This year I had won a blogging contest. Turned a book reviewer. Started as a visiting faculty. Also it had been a year of family time. I spent  good times with Namz (my kid sis) who also stays in Delhi. Mom visited for a month. Maa, Deta and Parul ba too came to visit for a month. But the highlight was the trip Az and I took to the hills on our first wedding anniversary. That was the time I felt unbridled and unshackled.
The bygone year had been a milestone year in my life. 

The coming year, I resolve to become a better person… A better daughter, a better sister, a better wife and a  better human being. I know I need to work on my anger and I resolve not to be affected by trifle matters and see only the good in people around me.

3 thoughts on “The Bygone Year–2013

  1. Love is the answer to all questions. Seek love. See love. Give Love. Fetch love. Love is the means. Love is the end. Lose love and lose life. Let love not fail. LOVE and be loved.


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