T for "Tengesi"

Common Name: Purple Wood Sorrel, Oxalis
Scientific Name: Oxalis
Assamese Name: Tengesi

Tengesi is basically a herb. The leaves are a part of Assamese cuisine as well and are used to make typical Assamese tangy curries. The tangy juice is also consumed as a remedy for severe cough.

The leaves are clover-like. Only recently I learned that it is not from the clover family. As kids, we used to pluck the flowers along with the long stem and suck the juice from the end of the stem. I would also pluck a handful of flowers and make tiny flower arrangements.

By the pond
At the base of a bonsai plant
The pretty flowers
The pictures shared here were taken on my visit home last month. The picture on the top was taken a couple of years back.

I am taking part in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge [April 2016].

2 thoughts on “T for "Tengesi"

  1. I scrolled through some of your posts. All the photos are stunning! Love the purple flowers. When it comes to gardening, I'm sorely lacking. I do not possess any 'greenness' in my thumb. I once 'killed' a cactus, which is a difficult thing to do, so that tells you how hopeless I am.You have a lovely blog.Nice to meet you via the A to Z challenge.Writer In Transit


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