Book Review #39: Fade To White

fresh Fade and whiteName: Fade To White
Shreya Dhanwanthary
No. of Pages: 268
Genre: Fiction
Price: Rs. 285/-
Published in: 2016

How did I get it? From the publisher.

The blurb of the book says:

Who are we, really? Are we shaped by our past, by our plans for tomorrow or by life as it happens to us? Are we a result of the lives our parents led or are we an amalgamation of all of it?

This is a story of three people who are trying to figure just that. Three people whose life, as they know it, shatters after a traumatic event.

Three people who are trying to find a new beginning – a beginning away from their darkness. Three people who want to fade to white.


Shreya Dhanwanthary spends all her time conjuring up scenarios where she is heroically rescuing the world from abominable evil. When she isn’t doing that, she writes. Sometimes.


Cover: It depicts the colour black dissipating into white.
Writing: A lot of uncommon words have been used. The writing is quite engaging at times, but the lengthy paragraphs spoils the effect.
Plot: The story is basically about three people. A writer who loves to travel and who hates to be a part of conventional notions. Her partner, who loves her with all her idiosyncrasies, while subduing his dreams to lead a normal, stable life. The partner’s best friend, an engineer, who dreams of making his mark in the world of science, and who is also in love with the writer. And then an accident shakes them all out of their lives.
This book gave me mixed feelings. I am somewhat confused whether I liked it or not. The parts I enjoyed the most are the journal entries of the writer. The jest and the sarcastic humour was really good. Of all three life stories of the protagonists, I liked the partner’s story the most. Then most parts are the conversations between the three of them, and at times a single paragraph is two pages long. Many a times, the character is just jabbering his/her (acually the author) random thoughts and I lost interest in several places. Overall, I think it is a okay read. Also I felt the connection with the title was not really established.
I give “Fade To White” 2.5 stars on a scale of 5.

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