Gratitude For Kindness

Ramadan started earlier this week. So the challenge activity of appreciating kindness in our lives everyday was perfectly in sync with the spirit of the auspicious month.
In the past week, I appreciated and at the same time thanked the Almighty for the kindness surrounding me in various forms:
  • I am not being able to contribute towards the preparation of Iftaar (breaking fast at sunset) meal as I manage to reach home just in time for Iftaar. It is the kids (younger siblings) at home who are doing it as a team. I am not forgetting to appreciate or thank them for their efforts.
  • My regular auto-rickshaw agreed to pick me up from the office in the evenings as well and thanks to him, I am able to reach home in time for Iftaar. 
  • Loving and supporting families (maternal as well as marital)
  • Most caring husband
  • Good working environment
  • A brother-in-law getting me mango-shake and sister-in-law suggesting me to eat a banana at Sehri (early morning meal before starting fast at sunrise) 

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I am taking part in the first ever Kindness Challenge (2016) hosted by Nikki from The Richness Of A Simple Life.

The weekly prompts:
Week 1: Start you day with kindness
Week 2: Observe kindness around you
Week 3: Focus your energy on being kind to others
Week 4: Focus on doing something kind for someone
Week 5: End your day thinking about kindness
Week 6: Think about someone that inspires you to be better, kinder, gentler
Week 7: Do something kind for someone and keep it to yourself

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