Some and the Others

A donkey which carries load without a whimper, is loaded with more and more. Nothing is different in case of a willing man. The only difference is that the load is more mental rather than physical.

In a family, some make all the sacrifices, while the others miss out on nothing. While some chose or are expected to be the ever-selfless, the others just want the rest of them to rotate around themselves. Some willingly take on more and more responsibilities so that the others can sail through comfortably. In the process, they forego their own wishes and desires, while the others look upon their sacrifices as their moral obligations and familial or filial duties. And if by mistake, they stop for a moment to think about themselves, they are ruthlessly reminded of their “priorities”.
When some are ready to take on more and more load, why should the others even bother to care? The others simply believe that some exist to service their needs and fulfill their expectations. And when some are ready to comply, where is the problem!
Sometimes, the only fault of some is that they are the older ones and/or that they have bigger hearts. And by default, they are expected to give up their lives for the others; to put themselves at the end of  the line and serve the others first.
Some say that their happiness lies in the happiness of others. But the irony is that the others are happy by making only themselves happy. Well, some are just emotional fools, aren’t they? But is it really possible to make others happy when you are are not happy yourself. Is it really selfishness to think about yourself for a moment?
For what they do, some will get the little respect, but not the empathy; the love but not the similar sacrifices; the reverence but not the devotion. And that little respect, love and reverence also ends up as shards of glass for the eyes of the others.

One thought on “Some and the Others

  1. Nice perspective..sometimes some people also thrive on giving up for others …they feel the most happy doing things for others..hopefully somebody else similar to them will do the same for them..


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