Book Review #63: Ambling Indian Diaries – Jouney India

Name: Ambling Indian Diaries – Journey India

Author: Aina Rao

No. of Pages: 186

Genre: Fiction/Humour/India
Publisher: Jufic Books (an imprint of Leadstart Publishing)
Price: Rs. 199/- 
Published in: 2018 

How did I get it? From the publisher. 

A fascinating journey through India, the book offers a never before take on the real India, through the eyes of the ambling indian- a new generation common man and woman, someone just like you and me.

With 31 stories woven deftly into India’s story, take a trip through the gallis, mohallas, lanes and bylanes that make up much of India. Wander around in rickety autos with Cows on the roads, the King of potholes, the Badshah of Bollywood, and take a sneak peak into Indian offices and into the IITs and IIMs, the hallowed institutions of India. Be the commoner that takes an uncommon trip through Indian cities, Bollywood, schools, slums and more, and discovers not just a country, but a new world too- an India that puzzles, amuses, makes you laugh and cry too.
Aina Rao, the author and creator of the ‘Ambling Indian’ character is a Silver medallist from IIT Delhi and a topper from IIM Bangalore. She is a financial services professional by training and a singer and writer by passion. Having traveled extensively across many countries and now living in Bangalore, the Indian Silicon valley, she brings her hilarious and thought-provoking experiences, ambling along as the ‘aam aurat’; the common woman, to her quirky writings and talks on India. Her blog, hosted on, has thousands of views worldwide and has featured in, as the editor’s pick. She has also written for the Financial Times publications in London and is the author of a series of books- based on the quirky character – the ambling indian. 

What attracted me to this book was the cover. It is vibrant, quirky and depicts India at a glance. But for me, the content didn’t live up to the attractive cover.

The characters are quirky and familiar. Mangoman, Koffee Johar, potholes, cows, auto-rickshaw rides, rape, sexual harassment, real estate, journalism, media – all feature in this book. As an Indian, you will be definitely be able to connect to the characters, situations and incidents.
But I felt, that the style of writing and content lacked depth and clarity. At several places, it seemed rushed and the humour forced. However, I partly enjoyed few of the stories like “To Audit the Doctors”, “Cows On The Road”, “A City of Dogs” and “The King of the Potholes”.
The stories has great potential.With a little depth and refinement, they can reach new heights.
I give “Ambling Indian Diaries – Journey India”


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