Book Review #64: Pyjamas Are Forgiving

Name: Pyjamas Are Forgiving
Author: Twinkle Khanna
No. of Pages: 256
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Juggernaut
Price: Rs. 325/- 
Published in: 2018 

How did I get it? From the publisher. 

There sitting on that porch, that light-eyed man, a pitta like me, was my ex-husband and that woman whose inner element I was unaware of, unless bitch is accepted as an undiscovered fourth dosha, was his young wife.

In the serene sanctuary of Kerala’s Shanthamaaya spa where food is rationed, sex forbidden and emotions centred, Anshu meets someone familiar and deeply unsettling – her ex-husband. Bittersweet, funny and wise, Pyjamas Are Forgiving confirms Twinkle Khanna as one of our great storytellers.
Twinkle Khanna is one of India’s top-selling writers and the author of two national bestsellers, Mrs Funnybones (winner of a Crossword Book Award 2016) and The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad. She is one of Times of India’s most read columnists and has won numerous awards, including India Today Woman Writer of the Year, Outlook Award for Most Inspiring Woman of the Year and Vogue Opinion Maker of the Year.
She is the founder of Mrs Funnybones Movies and in 2018 produced the highly acclaimed film Pad Man. Khanna lives in Mumbai with her family.
“Pyajamas Are Forgiving” deals with the complexities of relationship – love and marriage, and the vulnerability associated with it. The backdrop is Kerala’s serene Shanthamaaya spa. There Anshu bumps into her ex-husband Jay, who is visiting with his young new wife. As old memories and feelings get ignited, Anshu finds herself in a daunting situation. Her peers at the facility are from different walks of life, and they lend perspective to the story.
It is a simple story, dealing with complex feelings. It is Anshu’s tale of finally getting a bittersweet closure on her past relationship.
Personally, I enjoy the author’s non-fiction writings more than her stories. They are a delight to read. But her stories are very real. To me, they lack the magic of beautiful storytelling, but decent reads nonetheless.
I give “Pyjamas  Are Forgiving”

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