In the end, we’ll all become stories.

Margaret Atwood

Feels Like Home

What does a home feel like? Is it where you feel safe and secure, or is it where you find solace? Is it where everything is familiar, or is it where you can be who you are? Is it where you have a corner of your own or is it where you feel like you …

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Lives Strive Together

April 2021. Everyday, my country, India, is touching new heights in the number of Covid19 cases. Every day, more and more people are dying. Every day, we are hearing that someone we know has been infected. After one year, we are back in square one, that too a grimmer one. How did we reach here? …

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We The People

The Indian tricolor. Our pride. Vibrant with a message, what we are, what we can be. We are strong and courageous. Peace and truth are our virtues. We are a fertile ground, auspicious and teeming with positive growth. We are moving forward, progressive in our thoughts, actions and development. And isn’t our preamble simply beautiful? …

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Journal Therapy

My sister and I started writing personal journals when we were super young, less than ten years old I guess. I don’t remember who pushed us towards it. It must have been either Ma or Koka, our maternal grandfather. People would gift us corporate diaries, which they had received at new years and we would …

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