Days of Letters

I really miss the good old days of handwritten mails (letters). As a kid I used to write a lot of letters to my Koka (grandpa), Aita (grandma), Mama’s (uncles), cousins and wait in anticipation for their replies. Even during summer and winter vacations, my then best friend and me used to send each other letters  (the vacation used to last only a month!! ). I used to be a huge fan of postage stamps and inland letters.

When I was away in college, I wrote letters to my sister, parents and friends. Letters used to be a messenger of happiness. But today in a world of instant messengers like mobile phones and internet, letters have lost their way.

But I still believe in the effectiveness and magic of letters and write now and then to my special ones. But at times, I do long for a letter…longing to feel its charm and magic all over again…

4 thoughts on “Days of Letters

  1. i hear you, girl. nothing beats the charm of a handwritten letter! The anticipation of receiving a reply, the handwriting, the smell of the paper, the post-scripts and best of all the never-ending pages filled with love, jokes, gossip and what not. email is a boon…but that doesn't mean we take the easy way out when communicating with our loved ones. snail mail rules!


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