The Pact of Sisterhood

My sister and only sibling (Namrata) is younger to me by one year, seven months and one day to be precise. And I don’t remember a single moment of my life without her. When she was born my paternal grandma was perhaps worried that I might hurt her and so she scared me instead saying that the little bundle is going to eat me up if I go near her!

We did literally everything together….we played together, ate from the same plate, studied and said our prayers together, shared the bed….got beaten and spanked..and broke and threw away the canes (meant for us) together.. But yes, like all siblings, we fought a lot..we still do today….but our quarrels didn’t last was more about sharing clothes and other stuff and and about reading each others’ personal diaries…we used to hide (even lock!) away our clothes so that the other wouldn’t find them. And if we fought while going to sleep, we would create a LOC on the bed..and would fall asleep kicking each other…But apart from that we used to save any nibble of goodies and stuff we got and share them with the other.

People used to (and still do) to confuse us with each other and mix up our names (our names start with ‘N’ and have 7 alphabets)….they think us to be twins…we are of same height, similar likes and dislikes, similar dressing style and we both speak very fast (but she’s faster than me!). As kids we used to wear same clothes and accessories….and it continued to the day she finally rebelled against actually looking like twins! Still today she doesn’t wear similar clothes and accessories when we go out together. We went to the same schools, same colleges and the finally the same university…people tease us that we will get married to brothers and go to the same home!! But that probability is very very less though! Excepting our graduation, our degrees are also same. But hey! We are two different and unique personalities.

She is the sunshine of the family. Always chattering away and making you smile. And she makes a fool out of me very very easily. She is sincere, hardworking and very very caring. She always thinks of others first and then of herself. She is a dog lover. As a child she used to share her secrets with our pet dogs rather than with me!! She keeps on complaining that we have spoon-fed and spoiled her..but I know she enjoys being spoiled. Although we are almost the same age, she’s my kid and will be all my life.

Whenever we fight or quarrel, our mother would say that we are lucky to have sisters when she herself long for a sister of her own (Maa has two younger brothers). I believe brothers can never be soul-mates (I would love to be proved wrong!). But sisters can…sisters are always there for each other…sisters understand each other like their own self….sisters are forever…and that is what the pact of sisterhood is all about….

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