A Simple SMS…3 (Cheers to Childhood)

This was sent to me by a senior Ba (elder sis) in my  previous office…… this is really touching and is bound to make one reflect on our bygone childhood..and the innocence of it….

I want to go back to the time….
  When ‘getting high’ meant ‘on a swing’
  When ‘drinking’ meant ‘apple juice’
  When ‘Dad’ was the only ‘hero’
  When ‘love’ meant ‘Mom’s hug’
  When ‘Dad’s shoulder’ was ‘the highest place on earth’
  When your ‘worst enemies’ were ‘your siblings’
  When the only thing that could ‘hurt’ were ‘skinned knees’
  When the only things ‘broken’ were your ‘toys’
  And when ‘goodbyes’ meant only ’till tomorrow’
Cheers to Childhood!!!!!

I miss being a kid!!

One thought on “A Simple SMS…3 (Cheers to Childhood)

  1. Anonymous

    Wonderful thought! sometimes i just imagine how simple life was, untouched by complexities of todaysFeel like \”Return to innocense\”


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