Lovely Lovable Rain

Have you ever fallen asleep at night listening to the rain drumming against your roof? Being born in Assam, God has blessed me with hundreds of such nights. I love the rain..and I’m never tired of it…
Having grown up in upper Asssam, I have enjoyed rains like anything… All greenery become greener.. Everything around becomes flushed with freshness… And the moments before the actual shower…Oh..I love those moments….the skies become dark grey..and against that backdrop the green trees…and the cool breeze making the leaves flutter like thousands of butterflies…It looks so very beautiful….And then the rains starts a little distance away from me..and I can see and hear it approaching where I stand…and the scent of raw earth. I have spent so much time simply sitting on chair in our home veranda and watching the rain fall… The feeling is heavenly…. As a child, I would love making paper boats and let it float in the puddle… and when it would rain hail, me and my sister would collect the hailstones in a mug or a bowl and then bring them inside….

Now that I stay in Guwahati ‘city’…. rains mean flash floods, water logging, traffic jams and house arrests!! I often hear people complaining of rains after a couple of rainy days (the same people also complain when it doesn’t!). But still I cannot complain about rain…. I might be called selfish and unthoughtful, but I simply cannot help it…

This summer has been good in Assam…blessed with rains since beginning of April..and the spells are still continuing…. Last night I was not able to sleep.. but the rains came again at late night (after a break) and finally lulled me to sleep….

3 thoughts on “Lovely Lovable Rain

  1. I too love the rain….especially the scent of the first shower….i simply love it…….but one cannot but complain the rains out here in Guwahati….in the morning when u get up and see that you have to make your way thru the dirty waters u cannot stop from complaining…….


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