The Butterfly Connection

I do not know what is with me and butterflies. I am simply fascinated by this creature. I don’t know what is it about it that attracts me so much. But I feel I am connected with it somehow. So I finally decided to look up as to what a butterfly signifies and how it is meaningful. I was surprised of what I found. The butterfly has a lot of symbolic significance especially for women.
The butterfly is seen as a symbol of rebirth and/or transformation. A caterpillar is a rebirth of the cocoon which ultimately becomes a beautiful butterfly. On the other hand, it stands for transformation, because a caterpillar is not the best sight, but when it transforms into a butterfly, there is hardly any one, who would not like the sight of a butterfly. At the same time, before the caterpillar turns into a butterfly it has to wade through hard and rough times. So a person who has carried himself/herself through turbulent times can also use a butterfly to signify that.

Butterflies are considered to be delicate creatures and so are taken to stand for delicateness. But though butterflies have a delicate look, actually they are way stronger than we presume them to be. Therefore, women might also want to convey, through a butterfly, that although they look delicate on the exterior, they are way stronger from within.
It is a common misconception that if the wings of a butterfly are touched, it may die. So the butterfly stands for fragility of life as well as simplicity.

The butterfly is also a symbol of freedom. A butterfly has no restrictions while it flies. It goes in any direction it feels like and sits on anything it wants to. So a person who utilizes his/her freedom to it’s maximum potential and there is hardly any things that can put brakes to it, can use a butterfly to denote the same.

Two butterflies in playful mood around each other is seen as a symbol of love.
There are many links with butterflies in mythology from all over the world, many of which, in particular Greek mythology, link butterflies to the human soul. In ancient Greek the word for butterfly is “Psyche”, which translated means “soul”.The Ancient Greeks also considered butterflies as the souls of those who had passed away.
In the same lines, i.e. human souls, a butterfly is a typical symbol of “After Death Communication” (ADCs or ADC signs).  ADCs/ADC signs are signs received by people which affirmed that their deceased family member or friend had survived physical death and continues to live in another dimension of existence. Typical symbolic ADCs include butterflies, rainbows, flowers, many different species of birds and other animals, and any number of inanimate objects. I won’t dwell more on this subject as it is of a different genre altogether.

Apart from it’s symbolism, the life of a butterfly is fascinating too. It’s journey from a egg through a larva and chrysalis into the ultimate breathtakingly beautiful butterfly is simply amazing and inspiring.
The butterfly is essentially a symbol of change, hope, joy and color. In my place, it is said that if a butterfly sits on anybody, he/she will get married soon! This is from the book Animal Speak, by Ted Andrews:
“Butterflies bring color and joy with them.  When butterflies come into your life look at how much or how little joy is within your life.  Lighten up.  Look for Change.  Don’t forget that all change is good.  …Transformation is inevitable, but butterfly will help teach you that growth and change does not have to be traumatic.  It will teach you that it can occur as gently, as sweetly and as joyfully as we wish.”

Going through various articles and writing this post, I have found my connections with this pretty creature and also drawn various lessons. May be I was a butterfly in some other life or might come back as one to check on my loved ones after this life. I don’t know, but I do know for sure that I definitely have a butterfly connection.

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