Animated Lessons

Most people generally have the notion that animated movies are made for children and they are the ones who are meant to watch it. But anybody who watch animated movies will testify that the movies have lessons and morals for everyone. 
I am an animation movie freak and can watch them all day long. I am often teased about it and told that I am still a little girl. But I don’t really mind . If people don’t watch them just for the sake of being grown-ups, they are missing out on valuable and forgotten lessons. Last night I watched ‘How to train your dragon’ and it was simply amazing. It talked about pressure of expectations, parent-child relationship, friendship between man and animal and mostly about believing in oneself. Any given animation never fails to teach us a lesson. I will share what such movies have taught and reminded me:
  • Spirit—  to have an indomitable spirit and never give up
  • Toy Story series— friendship. teamwork and cycle of life
  • Shrek series— love, never giving up, value what we have
  • Ice Age series— friendship, kindness, respect for all living beings
  • The Wild— parent-child relationship, setting examples, overcoming our fears
  • Finding Nemo— love of parents, inter-dependency of beings
  • The Incredibles— importance of family, coming out of shell and teamwork
  • Madagascar series— friendship, leadership, courage
  • Lion King series— lineage, courage and leadership
  • Wall-E— effects of human activities on the Earth and nature, importance of protecting the environment, spirit of the human race
  • Despicable Me— everyone has a soft side and goodness inside
  • How to train your dragon— pressure of expectations, parent-child relationship, friendship between man and animal, believing in oneself, listening to our heart, be what we are
  • A nightmare before Christmas— everyone has individual roles to play and reversing roles only lead to disasters
  • Up— love, companionship, spirit of life
There are many more instances. Such movies amuse and bemuse me at the same time. They neither fail to teach me a lesson nor fail to lift up my spirits. Being an ardent fan of animated movies, I prefer this kind over real people movies any given day. Be it children or grown-ups, there are animated lessons for all in all animated movies.

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