The Joy of Shopping

I simply love to shop. But I don’t shop till I drop. And so I cannot be labelled as a shopaholic either.I realized how much shopping can be liberating after I attained financial independence. Earning my own bread and butter gave me license to spend.

I am often being remarked on how often I get stuff for myself and the house. Though I don’t shop in bulk, I buy things often. Be it apparels, accessories, gifts, cosmetics, books or anything else. The truth is buying things, no matter how petty they are, makes me happy. When I am sad or I get lonely, shopping gives me refuge. When I achieve something, I shop to celebrate. When there is some occasion, I shop to gift myself. And sometimes it becomes a source of entertainment. Shopping experience is truly my spirit lifter.

I am a shoe fetish. But footwear shopping often ends in frustration. The reason being my shoe size. It is a couple of times smaller than the standard size (No, I am not mentioning my size here), I hardly get it at one go. And so if I get my size in a single attempt, it has to be my lucky day.

When I was still studying and had limited pocket money, I promised myself that I would at least buy a book every month when I start earning. And I  am almost successful to keep that promise each month. And I mostly do that online. A year back or so, the bug of online shopping bit me. And since then, I have been buying things online including books. It is amazing how you can shop sitting in front of your PC and getting the stuff right at your doorstep.

Men has always acknowledged shopping as the most irritating activity of women. But they fail to acknowledge it as a wonderful stress buster. As Elayne Boosler rightly quoted, “When women are depressed, they eat or go shopping.  Men invade another country.  It’s a whole different way of thinking”. And I feel that unless we are shopping ourselves to bankruptcy, it is a healthy habit!!!

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