Iberian romance in Spain: Facts to know

This article was published in Honeymoon Beat on 20th September, 2011.

Plaza Mayor Madrid 
Plaza Mayor Madrid
Honeymoon is a time for unhindered romance, away from family and friends crowd. Since honeymoon is romance, the honeymoon destination has to be a romantic setting too. Given its picturesque locations, Europe has always been one of the hot spots for honeymooners. The Iberian Peninsula has a varied terrain with deserts, expansive highlands, plains, and snow-capped mountains with rain-forested roots. 
So, whatever type of location you want for your honeymoon, the Iberian Peninsula in Europe offers you all. Spain and Portugal are together are popularly referred to as the Iberian Peninsula and is the extreme southeast region of Europe. If you are specifically interested to honeymoon in Spain, here are a few things you need to know before planning one in Spain:
1. Major destinations in Iberian Spain
Andalusia, Balearic Islands, Barcelona, Canary Islands, Central Spain, Madrid and Valencia are some of the major destinations in lberian Spain.
a. Andalusia is one of the largest of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions. It offers both majestic mountains and sun kissed coastlines. There is a strong Moorish influence seen in Andalusia and their fortresses, mosques and castles dot the landscape. July and August are the best time to visit.
b. The sun soaked Balearic Islands have more than three hundred beaches ranging from sandy expanses to hidden cove. They are a haven for snorkelers and scuba divers alike.
c. Barcelona is one most seductive cities of Spain and is a city known for its architecture. Explore its streets and coastline and you will discover both a rich history and a passion for the modern. April-June and September-October are the most popular times of year to visit.
d. Canary Islands are rich in both history and geography and will seduce you with their beauty and a climate which has been described as “perpetual springtime.” Some islands have stark arid plains, some comprises of lush vegetation while some have continuing volcanic activity and erupting geysers. The people of the Canary Islands are known for their celebrations and no matter when you visit, there will no doubt be a fiesta in which to participate. April-June and September-October are the most popular times of year to visit.
e. Central Spain includes Castilla y Leon, Castilla La Mancha and Extremadura which are replete with Roman soldiers, conquistadors, Moorish castles and stunning natural parks. April-June and September-October are the most popular times of year to visit. April-June and September-October are the most popular times of year to visit.
f. Madrid is “A city that never sleeps,” and is alive with history, culture and a people with contagious passion for life. The city hosts more than 70 museums and catches your eye with impressive squares, monuments, wide boulevards and expansive green parks. Spring and autumn are the best time to visit.
g. Valencia offers you beautiful Gothic and Renaissance buildings, stunning modern architecture, fabulous food, great shopping and year round sunny weather. The city has a sparkling night life with many bars not opening their doors before 10 PM and the pulsating music continues until sunrise.
2. How to get there
Madrid is the capital of Spain and one of the major cities in Spain’s Iberia. Madrid’s Barajas airport is the most important of the hubs. You can also reach Madrid by train from France.
3. Documents needed
You can check the official tourism website of Spain and know what documents you need to travel and while traveling in Spain.
4. Currency
The currency in Spain is the euro, as in European Union countries. The Euro comprises of 100 cents.
5. Accommodation
You can easily find accommodation facilities as Spain is replete with historic inns, castles, rustic bed and breakfasts, luxury hotels, royal palaces, and world-class resorts.
6. Few things you should do there:
a. Always use sun cream on your body while visiting the beaches. Make it a point to use umbrellas which are given on rent by most of the beaches.
b. Drink loads of water and eat loads of fresh fruits. Watermelon, grapes and oranges are some of the most popular fruits in Spain.
c. Try the famous Spanish alcoholic drink called “sangria”. It is made of pure fresh summer fruits.
d. Try Tapas, steaks and fresh game on the grill and seafood fresh from the net served lightly with citrus and new wine.

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