3 Facts about buying black leather purses

This article was published in Mad About Bags on 21st September, 2011.
Purse is an integral part of woman’s overall looks. Women carry their worlds in their purses. But like all your other accessories, your purse also has to go with what you are wearing. And when you have a black leather purse, you have no reasons to worry. A black dress, a black pair of pumps, a black watch and a black leather purse are the ‘must haves’ in every woman’s wardrobe.
The color black is elegant, classy and safe at the same time. Hence, whenever women go for purse shopping, 90 percent of them are likely to end up buying black leather ones. It is basically because black goes with almost everything and it never goes out of style. so, all black handbags are always worth the money. Here are 3 facts about buying black leather bags. Read on and consider them before you settle down on another black handbag.
1. Coloring your world ‘black and white’
You are a classical person and so have a safe wardrobe, black and white and their variants. But that is also boring. Do not make your life a black and white movie. Black or white may be your favorite colors, but life is not only about blacks, whites and grays. You are what you wear. There are hundreds of colors your wardrobe could be splashed with. Add some color and life to your predictable and monotonous wardrobe and fashion. Try wearing a multiple colored accessory to give your safe colored outfit a breather.
2. Stacking up black leather purses
You try to be safe at all times, and you end up buying only black leather purses. Black is no doubt elegant and classy, but give the other colors a chance, too. Do not limit your options. Summer and spring is the best time to carry colorful purses in pastel hues. Get yourself a few colored purses that go with most of your clothes and flaunt them with your different colored outfits. Else you can also get yourself a rainbow colored purse which will go with any colored dress you wear. If you are still reluctant to try brighter colors, at least try switching to whites and browns, which are also considered safe.
3. Makes you stay amongst commons
If this makes you feel better and comfortable, you are not the only one who always carries a black leather purse. There are thousands of women like you who like to play it safe with black purses. A black leather purse is a staple ingredient of every woman’s wardrobe. But again, why to be like so many other women. Be adventurous and make a personal fashion statement with an elegant purse of different colors. Be a little different than what you are already known to be.

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