Ten Extraordinary Pets

This article was published in Pets Clan on 21st September, 2011.
A pet is a joyous addition to the family. Dogs, cats, fishes, parrots and hamsters are among the most popular and usual choices. But there are many people around the world who have kept the most unusual creatures for pets. They include pigs, insects, llamas, sheep and even giraffes. You may not have the resources to keep the bigger unusual pets. But you can always opt for the smaller ones. So if you are looking for an exotic and unusual pet, take a look at ten such extraordinary options of pets. But always remember to do your research on the animal. Also check the legality of their buying and the suitability of such a pet in your home. Your children also need to be supervised while handling such creatures.

1. Chipmunk

Chipmunks make great companions but they are not low on maintenance. They require a lot of human care while growing up and also a lot of space. They love a variety in their diet like seeds, fruits and vegetables.

2. Piranhas 

Piranhas live up to their violent reputation and can truly eat off the hand that feeds them. It is advised that only the experienced aquarists take piranhas for pets.

3. Tarantula

Tarantulas have a wrong reputation of being poisonous and aggressive. In reality, they are docile creatures and lack poisonous weapons. They are quiet, require little room but are fascinating to watch.

4. Pot Bellied Pig

Contrary to the popular belief, pot bellied pigs are intelligent creatures and are often smarter than the smartest of dogs. They are intelligent, curious, affectionate, playful and easy to train. they are also clean, odor-free, and non-allergenic. They have a poor eyesight but have a very keen sense for smell.

5. Sugar Glider Squirrel

Sugar glider squirrels are from the marsupial group and are Australian natives. In North America, they are popular exotic pets. They are nocturnal creatives and so their eyes are very sensitive to light. They can take a flight of about 150 feet from a good height.

6. Pygmy Hedgehog

The pygmy African hedgehog is a cute little amazing creature. They generally live on insects and so require low maintenance. They are practically odor free, clean and can be litter box trained. When threatened or picked up, these hedgehogs roll up into a ball. But once tamed and handled regularly, they unfurl quickly. 

7. Ferret

Ferrets by nature are quiet, friendly, intelligent but also sneaky. They can be very mischievous when left unsupervised. They can be trained to perform tricks.

8. Fluffy Chicken

The fluffy chicken is a much cuter relative of the regular chicken. It lives for many years and lays blue eggs. So it can be a very useful pet.

9. Wallaby

Wallabies are a miniature version of kangaroos and are natives of Australia. They are from the group pf macro-pods. They can be house trained, but they need a lot of space to hop about. Wallabies are mischievous and affectionate creatures. Also they can learn to open your cupboards and jump on counters.

10. The Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

Who would normally fancy a cockroach for a pet. But if you are looking for an exotic option, then the Madagascar hissing cockroach is a good choice. These cockroaches grow up to 3 inches long and are handy creatures. They do not bite and so make good exotic pets for children.

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