Hairstyles For Toddlers

This article was published in Parenting Clan on 21st September, 2011.
Toddler hairstyling

As toddlers tend to get messy in their jobs, hygiene and neatness is one of the top concerns of parents. And hair is one aspect that needs to be kept managed all the time. In today’s highly fashionable world, toddlers are a no exception. So their hairstyles too have to make a fashion statement. Also, kids today are likely to pick up styles on their own. But avoid intricate hairstyles, as they are not practical. The key is to keep it simple. Also with the toddlers, shorter the hair, the better it is for the parents. Always go for styles which are easy to manage, look neat and most importantly cute. Here are a few practical and cute hairstyles you can try on your toddler.
1. Short hair / Sweep
For toddlers, both boys and girls, with fine hair, keeping the hair short is a very practical option. Parting and sweeping the hair then to the front or sides, will make your kid look smart and neat. Also it is more manageable for the parents. This hairstyle is a more popular choice among the boys than the girls.
2. Long hair

Long hair looks adorable on toddlers. But it means more work for the parents as they have to brush it frequently. This style can be made manageable by brushing the hair away from the face and pinning it backwards with hair clips and bands. This option is more popular with the little girls. Long hair can be made stylish by accessorizing it with the variety of hair clips and bands available. Head wraps is another fashionable accessory. Always remember to keep the length not longer than the shoulder length so as to ensure safety.
3. Bob
Bob is very fashionable and practical option for little girls. The length can vary, from earlobes to shoulders. The hair can be either cut at the same length all around or can be angled. This style can be coupled up with bangs falling above the eye-brows, which is to be kept trimmed at that length. This style is easy maintenance and needs only timely brushing.
4. Pig Tail / Pony Tail

Pig tails or pony tails are one of the safest and neatest hairstyle for toddlers. If your little girl has short hair, you can make a pony tail on the top of her hair. If it is longer, a pony tail can be made at the nape of her neck or higher. You can also vary the number of pony tails depending on the length and thickness of the hair. One popular variation is two pony tails on the either side of the head. Pony tails or pig tails can be accessorized with ribbons, clips, pony tail holders and hair bands.
5. Buzz
The buzz cut is a very stylish option for toddler boys. In this hairstyle, the hair is shaved at the same length all over. This style is fashionable and has easy maintenance.
6. Fade and Crew

In the fade cut, the hair on the top of the head is left slightly longer on the side. Crew cut is another good option. It is similar to the buzz cut, but with the hair on the top of the head slightly longer than that on the sides.
7. Plaits, Braids and Cornrows
Plaits, braids and cornrows are a fashionable and neat option for little girls with both long and short hair. When teamed with colorful beads and ribbons, these styles look chic.
8. Spikes
Spikes are a very popular style with little boys. Spikes can be made out of short hair as well as with specific haircuts like the fad haircut.
9. Caesar
The Caesar cut is inspired from Julius Caesar himself. In this cut, the hair is cut in 1 to 2 inches long around the head, and bangs slightly longer to cover the forehead which is brushed forward.

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