Top 10 places to visit in Dublin

This article was published in Europe Euphoria on 23rd September, 2011.


Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and is the most populated city in the country. It is located on the banks of the river Liffey and enjoys a maritime climate. Dublin is a beautiful green city, having more green spaces per kilometer than any other European city. The city is full of parks, museums, historical monuments and landmarks. Here are a few must see places.
1. St. Stephens green
St. Stephen's Green

St. Stephens Green is a beautiful Georgian Park, located in the heart of the city of Dublin. The Guinness family built the park in the 19th century as a gift to the people of the city. It is overlooked by the majestic Georgian houses which comprises the old St. Stephens square. It is still the most important park in the city and is flocked by hundreds of people on a sunny day.

2. Dublin castle
Dublin Castle

The Dublin Castle was built in the year 1204 by King John. It was built as a fortress for Dublin’s administration and defense. But it never had to withstand any major attack. The original building was built between 1204-68 and was also surrounded by high walls and moat. It underwent major re-construction after the fire in 1684. Till 1922, it was the center of the British rule.

3. Trinity college
The Long Room

The Trinity College was the first university of Dublin and is an architectural landmark. It houses two major tourist attractions of Dublin- the Book of Kells, and the Long Room Library. Viewing of the ancient Celtic manuscript- Book of Kells is allowed only at specific times. Most of the present day buildings were completed in the 1700’s and the 1800’s.

4. Guinness storehouse

Guinness is the most famous drink of Dublin city and its recipe has remained unchanged for the last 250 years. The Guinness Storehouse is a museum which is also the brewery of the famous beer. Once inside, you find yourself in the middle of the brewery, learning about the beer’s history and ingredients. Its saga begins more than 250 years ago and ends in the sky bar called Gravity. Gravity offers you a complimentary pint of Guinness and an amazing 360-degree view of Dublin City. The Guinness Storehouse is the soul of Guinness.

5. Grafton street
Grafton Street

The Grafton Street is the heart of Dublin, both geographically and sentimentally. Go for a leisure stroll in the street and get a lingering taste of the city’s old architecture, local musicians, street performers, Irish foods and drinks. It is also one of the best places to shop in Dublin.

6. The Ha’penny bridge
Ha'penny Bridge

The Ha’penny Bridge has become, over the years, a symbol of Dublin. This beautiful Georgian pedestrian bridge was built over the river Riffey in the 18th century. Back then, it used to cost half a penny in old English money, hence the name was opted. The toll was eventually removed though. Also the bridge had been renamed many a time, but Ha’penny remained the most popular name officially.

7. The Kilkenny shop
Kilkenny Shop

The Kilkenny shop in Dublin is famous for its continued support of Irish items. It has an amazing collection of fashion, jewelry, gift items and food, which are made in Ireland. Other than in Dublin, Kilkenny shops are available in Cork, Galway, Cashel, Shanagarry and Killarney also. It also has an online shop with worldwide shipping availability.

8. St. Patrick’s Cathedral
St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a majestic one and houses the remains of Jonathan Swift, the author. He was the cathedral’s dean from 1713 to 1745. The site is believed to stand at the same place where St. Patrick performed his first baptism in Ireland. It was given a cathedral status in 1213. Most of the parts of the building dates back to the 13th and 14th centuries. It had also undergone some restoration in the 19th century.

9. The Temple bar
Temple Bar

The Temple Bar is the cultural quarter of Dublin and is located in the heart of the city. The cobbled street of the Temple Bar consists of Dublin’s best night spots, restaurants and unusual shops. If you happen to be in Dublin on a Saturday, then you must visit the Temple Bar Market and treat yourself with the mouth-watering Irish delicacies like the freshly shucked oysters, the artisan Irish cheese and sandwiches filled with roasted lamb.

10.Spire of Dublin
Spire of Dublin

Spire of Dublin is one of the newest monuments of Dublin. It replaces the Nelson’s Pillar. It is officially known as the Monument of Light. The Spire is 120 meters tall and is the largest sculpture in the world. It was commissioned to mark the millennium celebrations of the city. The Spire of Dublin is also now known as the Spike.

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