My Old Friend.. Loneliness

My old friend, loneliness…

You are there when I am happy;
And don’t leave me when I feel crappy;

You keep me awake and don’t let me sleep,
Yet watch over me when into dreams I slip;

While watching television, you sit with me
And when I have dinner, give me company;

You help me choose, when I shop,

And hold my hand while in a crowd;

You watch me smile and shy,
You say it’s alright when the tears come by;

You have stood by me through thick and through thin,

When I have been generous and when I have been mean;

You have been a part of my past and  my present,

When the moon was full and when a crescent;

You have shared my joy and my sorrow,

But promise me you won’t be there for all of my tomorrow…

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