Stack up in style with MyShelf

This article was originally published in HomeTone on January 7, 2012.
a. The Designer/Manufacturer
‘MyShelf’ is a product from Ronda Design under their product segment called ‘Magnetika’. Ronda Design is the design laboratory of the Ronda Group. The Group started as a small family business in Italy in the mid-forties. Today, it is considered as a leader across Europe. Its products are basically in aluminum and steel. Ronda’s main designers are Vittore Niolu and Alessandro Antoniazzi. Ronda Designs essentially spell style, elegance, innovation and leadership.
b. Overview
‘MyShelf’ is a product in the Magnetika segment of Ronda Design. As the name suggests, Magnetika uses the phenomenon of magnetism in its products. It invites everyone to explore and discover the magnetic aspect of all things around us. The material used for this product is steel. MyShelf are the magnetic shelves that can be paneled as per the requirement. The magnetic shelves can be arranged, rearranged, positioned and repositioned in random ways. They are held strongly in place by their powerful magnets. MyShelf comes in metal shelves with the support surfaces. These support surfaces are the facings with leather and other textures with decorative paint of every kind. One can explore and use it creatively in creating any kind of shelve to stack up the stuff. A very basic book shelf could be fit in any position which can be again rearranged or repositioned according to your mood or requirement.
c. High Points
The USP of Myshelf is that in this product maximum composition freedom meets maximum variety of finishes. You get variety, multiple usability, style and most importantly the opportunity to use and explore your own creativity. You can use this product to match your requirement as well as your whimsical mood. To sum up, MyShelf is innovative, useful, stylish and creative. So, go ahead and stack up your stuff in style.

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