When Hormones Go Crazy

Once in every one month, my moods swing like crazy. One moment I am in highest of spirits and the next moment I hit the lowest. One moment I love everything and everyone around me and suddenly I hate them all. One moment I am super mad in public and sob in private like a hurt kid the next moment. I have food cravings on the upside and body cramps on the downside. In a nutshell, my hormones go bonkers.I am sure the ladies know where I am heading. Yes, it is that time of the month. PMS.
This crucial week, I am at my worst behaviour. My brain becomes a live time bomb ready to explode with the most irrational and rational of reasons. At such times, no amount calm and good counter behaviour soothes me. In fact any voice seems to provoke my anger further. Logic happily flies out of the window. I can be extremely happy, extremely angry or extremely sad, with lots of grumpy behaviour in between. Misgivings of people which I was okay with throughout the month, suddenly become super magnified. I become adamantly unforgiving. All the quotas of sadness and anger of the month come out in bouts in this one week. Rampant mood swings dictate my days. At times I become afraid of my own behaviour and its impact. The house members are on a constant vigil  and of course the husband is the worst victim. It makes me wonder if irritability is becoming my personality or is it really the hormones.

On doing some research, I found that about one-third to 85% of women suffer from PMS every month and go through what I go through. And I sighed with relief. I am not the only one. I am not becoming an angrier and unpleasant person. It’s my mischievous hormones. Doctors call PMS mood swings ‘labile mood’ and it is the most common and troublesome PMS syndromes.

Several suggestions have been as to how to control the labile mood. Caffeine is to be avoided, vitamin D and E are to consumed, counting 1 to 10 during bouts of anger, regular physical exercises and so on.

Humour is made out of PMS (as you can see in the pictures). But it is no joke that women do become dangerous during PMS. I know men can never understand what we women go through. But they have to try and understand that the women in their lives are in anguish in such times. The best way is to let them be.
So ladies, PMS are difficult times. Take care of yourselves. In such times, feel as if God incorporated all the complexities of life and body in a woman. But isn’t it also a good time. We can be mad and crazy, channel out all the anger and frustration and still get away with our abnormal behaviour. May be when our hormones crazy, we can still take it on our stride.
More information on managing PMS:

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