I for "Indian Laburnum"

Common Name: Indian Laburnum, Golden Shower Tree
Scientific Name: Cassia fistula
Assamese Name: Sonaru
Indian Laburnum is perhaps my favourite flowering tree. When in full bloom, the bright golden yellow flowers engulfs the entire tree. It is such a beautiful sight, which always brings a smile to my lips.The Golden Shower tree is the state flower of Kerela, the south Indian state. It is also the national tree as well as the national flower of Thailand.

4 thoughts on “I for "Indian Laburnum"

  1. Beautiful! There's a tree very similar to this in the Caribbean. It might be the same as many of the plants there are transplants from the tropical east. I'm a visiting minion with the Joyful Brigade. Nice to visit with you!


  2. Golden showers is really a summer bloom. there is tree near my office, which blooms every summer unfortunately i missed the bloom to capture this year, as it is about to shed its flowers. loved your pics and the detailed post.


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