O for "Oncidium flexuosum (Dancing Lady Orchid)"

Few years back at home

Common name: Dancing Doll Orchid, Dancing Lady Orchid, Golden Shower
Scientific Name: Oncidium flexuosum

Orchids are the pride of my father’s (Deta) garden. Basically orchids are of two types, the epiphytic orchids and the terrestrial or ground orchids. Epiphytic orchids are commonly grown in pieces of bricks, charcoal, Styrofoam pellets, fern roots; whereas the terrestrial variety grow and flower on the ground. To me, orchids of both types are most elegant of flowers.

Oncidium flexuosum are ground orchids. Deta had grown them in a flower pot as you can see in the above picture. If you look closer, the flower looks like a dancing doll or lady and hence the name. They are bright golden yellow in colour and look so pretty.

Can you the dancing lady?

I am taking part in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge [April 2016]. 

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