The Kindness Around Us

In this fast-paced life, we seldom have the leisure to stop and look around. But when we spare a moment, we can always see something beautiful, something soft standing out in this ugly and harsh human world.
I stay in Delhi, the capital city of India; and I personally feel that it is an unkind city (Read about it here). So whenever I see a little kindness around me, a bit of faith is restored.
I see kindness when
  • An auto-rickshaw stops to let a man cross the road.
  • Fellow metro commuters make space for each other to sit.
  • I am home due to ill-health and my youngest brother-in-law makes me a sandwich.
  • When a car-driver apologizes for making a wrong move.
  • When I reach home late evening  to a sink full of dirty dishes, and my maid-cook washes them when I leave the kitchen for a moment (doing dirty dishes is not a part of her job description).
  • A young woman gives up her seat for a older/pregnant woman or some woman with a young child.
  • When I commit some error and my boss doesn’t shout at me but points out politely and advises how to rectify it.
  • When I hit someone accidentally in the metro and apologize, she says it’s okay (many women snap back very rudely)    
  • I act illogically snappy but my husband responds with kind and loving words.

It seems people are becoming more impatient and unkinder with each passing day. But even in this gloomy scenario, we can see tremendous kindness all around us, that is if we choose to see it. And witnessing one act of kindness is enough to bring positivity into any particular day. So let’s look for kindness everyday and make this world a kinder place. 
I am taking part in the first ever Kindness Challenge (2016) hosted by Nikki from The Richness Of A Simple Life. 
The weekly prompts: 
Week 1: Start you day with kindness
Week 2: Observe kindness around you
Week 3: Focus your energy on being kind to others
Week 4: Focus on doing something kind for someone
Week 5: End your day thinking about kindness
Week 6: Think about someone that inspires you to be better, kinder, gentler
Week 7: Do something kind for someone and keep it to yourself

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