Kindness Inspired

When we choose to look at and acknowledge kind people around us, it becomes possible to be inspired. There are many people around me that inspire me to be better, kinder and gentler. The most dear to me among them are the following:
  • My maternal grandfather: He is the most gentle and soft-spoken man I have known in my life. I have never seen him shouting at anyone and he is always kind in words and behaviour towards all. 
  • My maternal grandmother: She is ready to help people at the drop of the hat. She goes beyond the call to help relatives, friends and people who are less privileged than her. She never thinks twice about giving away her own stuff in order to fulfill someone else’s needs.
  • My mother: She has taken after her father when it comes to being kind in behaviour, words and thoughts. Even when someone is being unkind to her face, she is not able to answer back with harshness.
  • My parents-on-law: They are ever ready to help people around them, be it relatives or mere acquaintances. In several cases, even before they are approached for help, they do it. They have been supporting several families in various ways in whatever way can over the years now.
  • My husband: He has taken after his parents and always stands with a ‘happy to help’ banner. But sometimes he really goes overboard in his kindness acts much to my as well as his parents’ annoyance. He always tells me, “There is always a better way to say things“, and practices the same.

    I am taking part in the first ever Kindness Challenge (2016) hosted by Nikki from The Richness Of A Simple Life.

    The weekly prompts:
    Week 1: Start you day with kindness
    Week 2: Observe kindness around you
    Week 3: Focus your energy on being kind to others
    Week 4: Focus on doing something kind for someone
    Week 5: End your day thinking about kindness
    Week 6: Think about someone that inspires you to be better, kinder, gentler
    Week 7: Do something kind for someone and keep it to yourself

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