Book Review #67: The Misadventures of A Vet

Name: The Misadventures of A Vet
Author: Rana Preet Gill
No. of Pages: 250
Genre: Fiction/Fantasy/General
Publisher: Inkstate Books (an imprint of Leadstart Publishing)
Price: Rs. 249/- 
Published in: 2019 
How did I get it? From the publisher. 
Rhea in her early thirties finally succumbs to the pressure of her parents and relatives and agrees to marry Abhi, an insurance agent in Pathankot. A tear in her lehenga, on her wedding day gets her into an awkward situation. It initiates a chain of events where the dominating mother-in-law and the subservient daughter- in-law get locked in a game of one-upmanship embroiling the faithful servant, Kimti and the reticent Papa ji. 
Once she gets a new job, Rhea feels things will ease out at home front. A retired Doctor, who is travelling all the way to Germany to be with his son hires her. The attendant Das, a Bihari, little eccentric and a lot dramatic falls for her and in this process, ends up complicating her life. 
When everything looks picture perfect, the Doctor gets implicated in a drug smuggling case. Rhea ends up in Amritsar with Das and Sardarji, the over enthusiastic cab driver to save the Doctor. The next 24 hours turn out to be full of weird episodes as friends turn into foes, loyalties are questioned, and everyone becomes a suspect. 
Will Rhea be able to save the convicted Doctor and resurrect her own marriage which is falling apart? Join Rhea on this topsy-turvy ride full of fun and sprinkled with a riot of laughter as she makes desperate attempts to salvage her marriage and save the life of her employer by winning the odds stacked against her.
Rana Preet Gill is a Hoshiarpur based Veterinary Officer working with Animal Husbandry Department, Punjab. She contributes to English newspapers: Hindustan Times (Spice of Life), The Tribune, The Hindu (Open Page), Deccan Herald, The New Indian Express, The Hitavada, Daily Post and Woman’s era. She has written a novel titled ‘Those College Years’. Her second book was a compilation of her pieces in several newspapers and magazines titled ‘Finding Julia’. She is active on Facebook, Instagram (dr_rana_preet_gill) and Twitter (@drranapreetgill). This is her third book.
I picked up this book for review assuming that the author would be sharing interesting episodes from her professional life as a vet, about her exciting animal patients. But the book was nowhere close to my expectations. Mostly it was my fault because I didn’t read the blurb properly.


The plot revolves around Rhea, a vet, who gets married and is midst of a typical cunning mother-in-law, a silent father-in-law and a “mama’s boy” husband. The usual kitchen politics is very irritating and boring. Outside home, it seemed that every other man is staring at Rhea’s breasts and leching after her.

Even though Rhea quips about her association with PETA now and then, her demeanour doesn’t even resemble a professional veterinary doctor.

I found the storytelling superficial and the the humour cheap. 

I give “The Misadventures of A Vet”  


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