My First Job

The year was 2006. I had just become a graduate and didn’t want to go for higher studies the very same year. So I started looking for a job. Now job searching is a job in itself. Registering on job sites, forwarding resume to my visiting faculties and consultancies, spreading the word to my friends, scanning the newspaper everyday..I did it all. Got calls too. But being a fresh graduate with no experience was no help. And I never understand why people ask for experience all the time. If they don’t give jobs, how will freshers gain experience! Finally after a number of interviews and meeting diverse characters I got my first job.

The organization that took me was a decent company (and still is!) and a baby organization at that time, only four years of age. It was a close-knit family with a few members and I was the first lady employee. I joined as a HR Executive and even though I was very young and just a fresher, the MD, Mr. Bose, didn’t hesitate to give me responsibilities.
It took me almost 2 hours to reach the office from the place I resided  and the same time to reach back home. I worked for 9 hours a day and 6 days a week. And the salary was minimal. But I would go to work very happily everyday. Probably because I loved what I was doing. There was no internet or intranet in the office  or anybody to gossip with. But there was not a moment I was sitting idle. Being  an infant organization, it gave me opportunities to learn and grow at every step. And I am utmost thankful to the MD for all of it. After a few months of my joining, MD’s wife who is a lawyer, joined the organization as the administrator. She became more of a elder sister to me than a senior. And even today we are in touch.

I spent seven months with the organization and left it to pursue higher studies. Two years and two jobs later, I realize that if we do not have our heart in what we are doing, no amount of hard work/compensation will satiate us. Apart from that, our first job always has a special place in our hearts and our lives and it is no different with me. I still miss my first job and its charm.

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