Marshall & Lily

Whoever is a fan of the television series “How I Met Your Mother” knows Marshall and Lily. They are two characters who are hopelessly in love and gets married after 10 years of courtship. They are not perfect but perfect for each other. They have their own individual faults and flaws. But together they are “Awesome!”. Anybody in love would relate themselves to them. I believe any couple in love can be a great and awesome couple. And one simple rule to be one is that we should never take our relationship or each other for granted.  The day we start doing that, we slowly start extinguishing the flame. 
Of course I am not an expert on relationships. I am talking here with my personal experience and looking at relationships of both married and unmarried couples around me. With time we tend to become so very comfortable with our partners/spouses that we simply forget to give that extra effort which was so prominent in the beginning of the relationship. They say after marriage, (I say ‘with time’) romance is thrown out of the window. But why can’t we simply  keep the window shut?

Couples often complain that their partner has changed, because they don’t do the stuff they used to and that they don’t put any effort from their side anymore. It may be small things but they make you feel. They may be getting flowers, greeting cards, holding hands or even SMSes. Such things usually follow a negative graph with time. Love may not follow the same route but gestures of love should pop up now and then to assure each other and to make them loved, cared for and special.

As I said earlier Marshall and Lily, like any other couple, are not perfect. But they try to make their relationship perfect by always letting the other person how much they love them. And they never tire of their efforts. And that’s the key to being Marshall and Lily.

2 thoughts on “Marshall & Lily

  1. Anonymous

    Nice article, and good observation.The real thing is how to keep the same love going after marriage, which is now a days not the case in many.


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